We are Lyme Bay Hair and Henna, your pop up beauty shop on Lyme Regis seafront. We are the first people to professionalise this style of business and we are proud to be evolving the industry away from a rug on the floor of an empty shop doorway to a sleek, professional and ethical business.


We are a family run business with over 60 years of collective experience between us. Started by my mum (Louise) and me (Bridie) almost 22 years ago in Weymouth (can’t believe its been that long! I think we can call ourselves professionals now!). We have an amazing extended summer family who make up a dream team pictured above. Check out the rest of the Lyme Bay Hair and Henna summer family, and see what their favourite hair and henna treat is by clicking on our ‘meet the team page’.


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You can find us on Lyme Regis sea front at the end of the iconic Lyme Regis beach huts, just opposite the trampolines. We are in our 14th year in Lyme Regis and offer the ‘best in the West’ when it comes to getting your hair braided, having a henna, glitter tattoo, hair feathers or body art. We are proud to have 5* rating on our FaceBook and Trip Advisor pages.

OUR MISSION: To be the first totally ethical Hair and Henna pop up business

We are passionate advocates for using cruelty free, fairtrade and ethically sourced equipment, materials, and products wherever possible. We use the National Fair Trade Purchasing Guide when sourcing new products, and we are trying our best to move towards using and recommending only ethical products, and clearly labelled: Fair Trade (FT) Vegan (VG) Vegetarian (V) Chemical Free (CF) Organic (O).

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We believe in good working conditions for all and pay our own employees above the Living Wage. We employ local young people which helps keep their spending local and so support the wider community.

Some of the team are lucky enough to be able to walk to work, which is both healthy and helps cuts down on car emissions in our pretty old fishing town.

We recycle everything! Once we have created a beautiful braid and made the final snip with the scissors, the leftover threads are packaged up for re-sale for your craft projects!

Even our old gazebos get recycled by a local farmer, who fixes them for use at a local dog show!