Hi I’m Kiasah! I’ve practically grown up around our little pop up shop, and its been so much fun over the years. I can’t imagine my summers without it! I love that we cater to everyone and people re visit us over the years 🙂

My favourite thing to get done has changed over the years, hair braids as a little girly, tattoos as a teenager and now I’m really loving the hair feathers!

Lyme Bay Hair & Henna


Hi I’m Bridie. I too have grown up around of little summer business, and it has taken us to some wonderful areas in the South West, and I have really enjoyed meeting all the lovely people who visit our pop up shop, many who have been visiting us for 10+ years!

My favourite thing to get done is henna on my hands, I think its so beautiful and I really enjoy getting it done, I find it really relaxing and a good excuse to have a girlie catch up with Kiasah.

Lyme Bay Hair & Henna copy


Customers often ask me, ‘How did you learn to do this?’ Well an old friend taught me back in 1995 and I took to it straight away. I have been whirling, twirling and wrapping threads to create bespoke hair braids ever since! I worked with my daughter (Bridie) and a group of friends at festivals, carnivals and as a street peddler in the South West of England, until finding a home here in Lyme Regis in 2004. The rest is history! My background is in Youth and Community work for the local council. I love meeting new people and welcoming back customers for an annual catch up!

My favourite thing to have done, is henna on my feet, I think it looks so beautiful, and I have them all year round!

Lyme Bay Hair & Henna copy 4


Hey, I’m Sophia, I’m currently working at a primary school as a sports coach and love that I can come down to the beach and spend my summers here. It’s my second year working at the shop and can’t wait for many more working with the family.

My favourite thing to get done is hair braids I love the choices of colours and they take me back to my childhood getting them done on Holiday. Although I’d say you’re never to old to get a braid.

Lyme Bay Hair & Henna copy 2


Hi ya, I’m Abi, this is my first year at the stall, I am at Exeter university studying criminology and sociology so this is a perfect way to spend my summer! I have always visited Lyme Regis since I was young and it is my favourite beach by far!

My favourite thing, that I love getting at the stall is the glitter hair with French plaits as it is really current and looks amazing

Lyme Bay Hair & Henna copy 3


Hi, I’m Eleanor! I have just started at Lyme Bay Hair and Henna and I’m loving it. We are all so excited about the new eco route we’re taking on this year, the new colours for hair braiding look amazing! I love seeing the faces of happy customers when you reveal their new braid/glitter tattoo/glitter hair.

My favourite is the hair feathers, either natural or dyed funky colours. The natural ones look really subtle in your hair, I have two in as we speak!